Scheduled Maintenance

Western Jet’s reputation speaks for itself.  Our company was originally built by word-of-mouth referrals from aircraft owners and operators-referrals from customers that left our facility happy with the services our experienced technicians provided.  We view every job as an opportunity to uphold our reputation-enhancing our level of performance, workmanship and eye for detail with each aircraft rolled out of our hangar.

Our reputation begins and ends with our experienced technicians.  Because our focus is Gulfstream aircraft, our technicians are experienced with the intricacies specific to this make of aircraft.  As our technicians perform large maintenance packages such as 72-month, 96-month and 5000-landing inspections, our staff’s well trained eyes are focused at spotting items other shops may miss.

Each technician and inspector is highly knowledgeable in manufacturer’s time limits and inspection intervals.  This level of experience ensures your aircraft is viewed from a larger perspective; ensuring tasks are properly grouped together for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness during scheduled aircraft downtime.

Gulfstream Aircraft Supported:

  • GII through G550 models
  • G200, Astra Series, and Galaxy 1121, 1123, 1124, and 1125 series.

Airframe Maintenance:

  • All Manufacturer scheduled calendar inspections including 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, and 96-month.
  • All Manufacturer scheduled hourly inspections including 450, 500, and 1000-hour items.
  • 5000 Landing Inspections including gear overhaul.
  • Unscheduled maintenance including comprehensive AOG support.
  • Repairs and Modifications.
  • ASC kit installations, Customer Bulletin, and AD Compliance.
  • Full in-house avionics shop – upgrades, installations, RVSM certification and 91.411/91.413 re-certifications.