Western Jet is one of only a handful of shops fully tooled to do engine changes on our own.  Working exclusively on Gulfstream® type aircraft, we have perfected our craft changing engines, troubleshooting, performing diagnostics, and diagnosing problems on all models of Rolls Royce engines.  Our range of service encompasses older Rolls Royce Spey and Tay engine models found on older G-II, GII, and G-IV aircraft to Rolls Royce BR-710 models on newer Gulfstream® 50 series aircraft.

Issues commonly found in older engine models require technicians with a keen eye, garnered through years of experience working the nuances of those models. Our considerable experience makes us experts on older Spey and Tay engine models reducing turn times and cost with efficient troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and resolution.

Recurrent training and sophisticated tooling provides our technicians with the skills and support necessary to provide comprehensive service on newer BR-710 engine models.  Western Jet is committed to retaining our edge over other engine shops.  In doing so, we have invested in the technology and tooling a full service engine shop needs to generate the quality of work our reputation is founded upon.

Capabilities Include:

  • Engine removal, set-ups, rigging, and installation.
  • All Manufacturers scheduled hourly and calendar engine inspections.
  • Troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repair.
  • Vibration Issues.
  • Borescope inspections for on-condition engines and to aid in technical aircraft appraisal.
  • Engine tuning to increase fuel efficiency
  • Auto throttle issues on G-IV’s.